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Your Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake and Graduation Cake Headquarters - We have the BEST Cakes in town!

Make your family's celebration complete with
a Bakery Fresh cake from Ken's.
Call us at 225-6671 to place an order
Samantha Peterson or Courtney Smith - Cake Decorator/Bakery Merchandiser

New at Ken's Bakery - Check out our weekly bakery specials:

  • Monday - 1 lb. white bread
  • Tuesday - Bagels
  • Wednesday - Monster cookie day
  • Thursday - Jumbo muffins
  • Friday - Caramel rolls
  • Saturday - French bread

Now Available from Ken’s Bakery
Freshly made Ice Cream Cakes for your next special occasion!
And we have a nice assortment of Holiday ice cream cakes as well.
For all specialty bakery needs stop in and visit with Sam.